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Low profile vehicles can be loaded on either deck with proper technique: For vehicles with plenty of clearance, the ramps can be left hooked to the bottom deck to load either the top or bottom deck.

  • To load low-profile vehicles on the top deck: Hook ramps to the top deck. Pull the front wheels onto the ramps, then raise the deck to achieve a parallel loading plane. The process may need to be reversed to load or unload vehicles with a low overhang behind the rear axle. You will need an assistant to unhook the ramps in order to raise the liftgate when using this method.

  • NEVER tow the Mini-5 with only the top deck loaded. This top-heavy situation could cause a roll-over. Always exercise extreme caution on exit ramps and curves.

  • After purchasing the Mini-5, it is important to adjust the wheel bearings after the first 1,000 miles and periodically as needed therafter. Always maintain 125 psi tire pressure for optimal results.

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The Mini-5 Car Hauler Trailer with it's ease of use and easy to follow maintenance instructions makes the Mini-5 Car Hauler Trailer a true value. The Mini-5 also includes the Kaufman Trailers standard 1 year warranty. Call today at 336.790.6888 to get more information from our experienced sales team.

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